China has become the world's second largest industrial manufacturing country

Published: 31st March 2010
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Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), a new report pointed out that China is now the world's second largest manufacturing country, surpassing Japan and follow closely after the United States.

According to UNIDO estimates, according to 2000 U.S. dollars in constant prices, in 2009 China's share of world manufacturing value added (MVA) to 15.6%, while Japan accounted for 15.4%, 19% share of the United States remained ranked No. 1. The output value of these three countries accounted for half of world manufacturing output.

This conclusion comes from the UNIDO International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2010, published data, the Yearbook is for economists, planners, policy makers and business people to the status and trends in the manufacturing sector, global statistics of the only international publication .

The report shows that, although China is leading in the production of absolute volume, but Japan in terms of per capita manufacturing value added is still the world's top industrialized countries. 2008 Japan's per capita manufacturing value added close to 9000 U.S. dollars, while China is about 700 U.S. dollars. The report also shows that the recent financial crisis on the impact of industrial growth in developed countries are serious, but relatively modest in developing countries, the world's top 10 manufacturing countries, there are two developing countries, namely India and Brazil, were ranked In the ninth and tenth respectively.

Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2010, also includes the main indicators of manufacturing activity in internationally comparable data. These data can be used to analyze patterns of growth and related long-term trends, structural changes and a single industry, the industrial landscape.

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